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Happy Veterans Day from Wall Moulding! As we pause to celebrate all of the men and women who have served in our Country’s military, we thought you might be interested to hear about a special program honoring the memory and sacrifice of honorably discharged deceased members of our armed forces. Established in 1962 under President John F. Kennedy, the Presidential Memorial Certificates (PMC) program is presently administered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Upon request, the VA prepares certificates expressing the country’s grateful recognition of the deceased Veteran’s service in the United States Armed Forces. The article bears the Great Seal of the United States as well as the current sitting president’s signature. Embellished with gold foil embossing, the parchment document is not only a touching memento but also a tribute to the Veteran’s selfless sacrifice. The Presidential Memorial Certificate is quite an impressive piece and many surviving family members choose to prominently display it as a way to memorialize their loved one. A quality custom framing job is a sensible way to preserve and showcase the document.

Next of kin and other significant others can request certificates completely free of charge; more than one certificate may be provided.  For more information about eligibility and application procedures visit

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